A Socialist and a Capitalist Walk Into a Bar…

Socialist: “Tailors are more vital to a community than bankers.”

Capitalist: “Nonsense. The community is the economy, and there’s no economy without banking. And without banks, how will anyone save for their retirement? Or start a business? Lest they get the money from their parents, of course. Are you suggesting we go back to relying on inherited wealth? I thought you were against that sort of thing.”

Socialist: “Not at all! Though your confusion of the economy of money for the entire community of people is typical.”

Capitalist: scoffs

Socialist: “What I’m saying is that if all the banks were to close tomorrow, your tailor could extend you some credit, and mend your clothes. But if all the tailors shut down, there’s no banker in the world that’ll darn your socks.”

Ron Toland @mindbat